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The Greatest Cake began life as a birthday card design for a friend's birthday in 2008.

I was working in a quiet art shop at the time, having just completed my degree in Illustration, and had plenty of time to daydream in between serving customers.


Ideas of a story about a magical flying cake initially sprang from the card design of an enormous tiered birthday cake. The first rhyme that popped into my head alongside this image was:


"Standing in the woodland glade was

The Greatest Cake that was ever made".

Once the idea was planted, I thought this would be a good way to build my portfolio with the intention of trying to get an Agent. However, the more I worked on the images, the more words were written and eventually the story was completed.


Fast forward to 2019 and Erewash Museum were calling for artists to submit their work to show in their gallery. By this time I was working in an office and was able to fund the frames needed for my first exhibition. I held 2 free workshops for children and families to come and draw their own "greatest cakes", and the response from the local area was so positive that I managed to finally self-publish The Greatest Cake.

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