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Book Launch

Today was my first ever book launch for my first ever picture book. It just had to be held at Erewash Museum with my original drawings on the wall - it couldn't be anywhere else! I only had about a week to gather all the decorations and signs together but I was really pleased with how it all looked. My partner Tom made the glorious pink glitter bunting which looked amazing. Unfortunately it must be one of the wettest August days we've ever had so special thanks to the brave families who ventured out and bought a signed copy of my book. The whole journey from exhibition to workshops to published book has been so rewarding. I have learnt so much and there are some truly talented children out there who will definitely go on to produce their own art and stories one day. I have always believed in following your dreams and this experience has confirmed that you really can do something if you set your mind to it. Never give up. Keep reading, keep drawing, keep dreaming.

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