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Children's illustration workshop

Held my first drop in workshop last Saturday (13th July) and had the best time meeting children, ages ranging from 3 yrs up to 11 yrs. There were some really original cake designs, and beautifully coloured in cakes (which I had drawn for the younger children). I feel positive and inspired by the next generation of up and coming artists. It was useful to know the favourite books among the children were by David Walliams and Julia Donaldson. Really interesting to hear what they wanted to be when they grow up...animators, children's illustrators, designers, artists. Lovely to see so many parents joining in with their children and encouraging their work. It was great to see them taking some images home to colour in and work on by themselves. I couldn't believe the support that everybody showed towards my children's picture book too, I felt so proud to have completed something that started as a hobby and has become a source of enjoyment for other people. Looking forward to my next workshop on Saturday 27th July.

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