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Crowd funding for The Peg People

My next children's picture book is called "The Peg People" and I thought I would give you a little more information about where the story and ideas came from.

I started writing the story 2 years ago after a discussion with my Mum about the way I used to draw little stick or "peg" people (as she called them) on any bits of paper I could get my hands on. This sparked a vivid memory of drawing them in the white spaces of colouring books, unlike my cousin who would meticulously colour in the ready-drawn image (like you're supposed to!) I can remember connecting them all, drawing them holding hands and thinking of stories for the characters.

I love that creativity you have as a child to express whatever you want, in whatever way you can, and I'm ALWAYS trying to figure out how to get back to that feeling when writing and illustrating my books. There are little windows back into that world which I find by watching children play and create. I find so much inspiration watching my nephew and nieces, my friends with young children and visiting primary schools.

After last year's book "The Greatest Cake" I knew I wanted to write a quieter story with less text, to really push the illustrations. I knew I wanted the drawings to do more talking than the words. Looking at my picture book collection, "The Paper Dolls" by Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb was an inspirational starting point. It's one of those stories with so much love and emotion attached, and the stunning illustrations by Rebecca Cobb allow the imagination to breathe, reflecting the creativity of the main character.

I will write more about character and setting inspiration in my next blog update, but for now, if you'd like to donate to my crowd funding page over on Go Fund Me that would be amazing! If you donate £10 or more you will receive a signed copy of the book and a greetings card. If you can't donate but would like to spread the word, please do share anything you can on social media or with family and friends. The book is completely written, designed and illustrated by myself, and with your help, the world will see it come to life.

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