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First Primary School Visit

Well what a fantastic start to school visits at Firfield Primary School in Derbyshire. It was my first time speaking in front of classes of primary school children from as young as Reception, all the way up to Year 6s. I spent 2 days visiting every class, reading my book and explaining the processes behind it. Every single child engaged with the story from 4 year olds to 10 year olds, which made me so happy! They all listened patiently to what inspired me and I answered some fantastic questions at the end. The final task to create their own imaginary "greatest cakes" was a joy to watch in every age group. I learned that every child loved to draw, loved stories and also loved cake just like me! I especially enjoyed watching a 4 year old start her own cat story, and chatting to individual children about their favourite books. I came away feeling inspired by every one of them, and it has confirmed to me that imagination and creativity are essential in a child's development. Special thanks to all the teachers who let me take over their lessons, I can see how hard they work and it is astounding. Thank you to Julie Gray for getting in touch with me, and Nic Truman for organising my timetable for visiting all the classes. Please can I come back one day?!

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