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School assembly

A couple of weeks ago I visited the lovely Pinewood School in Nottingham and gave an assembly to about a hundred Key Stage 1 pupils. Each and every one of them sat and listened quietly while I told my story of "The Greatest Cake", and explained a little bit about what inspired me and how I created it. Talking to a big group of children was a new experience for me, and despite being slightly terrified at the beginning, I soon started to enjoy myself! As you can see by my expression, I was thrilled that the children seemed to like my book, but more importantly they each loved drawing and listening/reading stories themselves. I love visiting schools and having this assurance that young children still love to create and imagine just as much as me. This inspires me so much and spurs me on to create my next story. It means so much to me when just one child likes my book, but when a whole room full of children engage with it, it shows me I'm doing something right. Special thanks to Emma Kelly for contacting me and arranging it, and also to all the parents/teachers who purchased a signed copy of my book! I am looking forward to returning with a new story already.

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